How I started in Automotive Business Coaching?

I have been in the auto repair business, most of my life. I've had lots of different roles. In my last role, teaching in a dual enrollment automotive program. I became involved with what was then called the ASA of the Verde Valley and is now called SWAP of the Verde Valley.

Through these relationships. I was asked by several of my friends repeatedly, to start teaching technical skills in industry. At that time. I believed I made a bigger difference in our industry staying in the classroom teaching young people and creating new baby technicians. During the whole COVID debacle, I decided I was completely finished participating in public education and chose to retire early.

From classroom to consulting

Andy Hooten - why am I different?It was then that I explored starting a consulting firm. I had been listening to my friends that were, or had been, locked into long-term consulting contracts. I listened to my friends who said they couldn't afford a business coach, or they did not want a long-term contract. ‘All they needed was a little help from someone who had actually been to their shop.’ I thought to myself there must be another way to make this coaching thing work for them and for me.

I explained that not only am I a certified Auto Shop Teacher, I am also certified in Arizona to teach Business and Marketing. I offered to spend time with a few of my friends exploring what value I could add to their businesses. From the reactions I received, I was effective in creating change in a short amount of time. I also learned that I enjoyed watching shop owners make money, as much as I had enjoyed watching my students start and grow as techs.

Why am I different?

I also spent time learning about many of the established consulting firms. I realized there were many consultants or coaches giving pretty much the same business advice. They had as much industry experience as I did. Sometimes even decades more experience. What made me different?

I believe that in business management skills, like every other type of knowledge in our industry, that continuing education makes a difference in the quality of the product a customer receives.

I already had significant business education that reached beyond just having experience. Yet I didn’t have a business degree or another way to easily demonstrate that I had business education to future clients.  I knew there was more for me to learn to become current on new developments, trends, and ideas within today’s rapidly changing business environment. So, I went back to college and finished my Master’s in Business Administration.

Now I can add the knowledge gained from my formal education to my experience.

Now I am no longer the same. And neither will you, or your business, be!